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I'm Nigar doing Henna work also known as Mehndi for more than 10 years. Decorating brides with beautiful professional henna designs. I specialize in bridal designs. I also do simple designs. I have different types of designs like Arabic, Pakistani, and Indian. All my designs are female oriented designs. We do all kinds of henna events in Memphis.
This form of body art is part of my cultural heritage and proud to be able to decorate each bride to be with a unique pattern to her personality including motives that express her inner dreams and desire.
Please take a look at some of my henna designs in design gallery’s, event gallery for different occasions, parties.

About Al Henna Art

We design Henna as an extension of you, an expression of your inner self and reflections of your individual. thats precisely the reason why theme based and distinctive figurine work lies at the very core of our range. Our henna designs  is made of unique stories specific to its individual clients making it the most sought after by the brides to be and a source of inspiration for those to come.

At Al Henna Art no design is too small or too big we are committed to make you look beautiful and satisfied.Al henna art has best henna designs in around Memphis.Al Henna art strives for perfection, customer satisfaction.

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